Start From Wherever You Are

Start from whereever you are
2 Apr 2011

Many people wait for things to be “perfect” before they pursue their dreams and goals. They wait for the perfect conditions, the perfect attitude, and the perfect time of year. They want to achieve their goals … but the time just isn’t right.

They wait to take action on the things they need to do to grow their business until they have their strategic plan in place, until staff turnover settles down, until they stop being so busy, until they get a few more clients. They want to get around to taking the actions they need to do to grow their business … but the time just isn’t right.

Sound familiar?

By waiting for the “right” time before acting – you are accepting your business as being less than it could be.

People often procrastinate because of fear – fear that they won’t be able to handle the results of their action (either good or bad). They are afraid that “I can’t do it“, “They will reject me,” or “I’m not good enough“.

These are huge fears felt by most business owners. These fears end up paralysing people in place, numbing them into inactivity.

So if you recognise yourself in these patterns what can you do about it?

… Start from wherever you are

By that I mean, look at just one thing that needs doing immediately, and start there. Don’t try and change the world in one day … don’t tackle the big fears at the beginning. Sneak up on them.

Just do one small thing, which in the process will also help you to clarify your direction and goals.

If you need to revamp your business cards … start there. If you need to get some direct mail or marketing out there to attract new customers … start there.

Just start with one thing, one idea, and one strategy and get that done. When that is finished, do another “one thing“.

Don’t try doing everything all at once or you will become like the couch potato who suddenly decides they want to run a marathon – all great intentions but burnt out within the week.

Small consistent steps are the way to go. You don’t need perfect situations to get started. You just need the courage to take the first step even if it isn’t a big one or perfectly executed.

If you remember back to when you learnt to ride a bike, you were mediocre before you became good. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and give things a go while you learn.

Get ready for “stuff”

And know that starting any journey will trigger “stuff” for you. Prepare to be challenged. There will be high points and deep lows. There will be days when things sail along smoothly and other days when you feel like you are walking through cement. You will be run off your feet with clients one day, and surrounded by silence another day. This is all part of running a business.

Each opportunity in life carries its own risk – no opportunity comes risk-free. If you are fearful of the negative result that may occur, then you will not be willing to fully accept the risk and take the opportunity when it presents itself. If you are afraid of being wrong, then you will do something that will end up making you wrong.

If you are afraid, even if you do see an opportunity in front of you, you will be too scared to take it – worrying that you may fail. You will go out of your way to talk yourself out of the opportunity, looking for all the evidence to support why you shouldn’t do something. You will interpret every bit of data as telling you the reasons why the opportunity wouldn’t have worked. You talk yourself out of success.

The people who succeed are the ones who have the greatest clarity combined with the most consistent action. Keep revisiting your path and direction. When things are murky, take time out to clear your vision. If you do that, the marketing actions you take will bring greater results.

You see, unless you believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you.

In business,

  • the first sell is always to yourself,
  • the second to your team and
  • the third to your customers.

You need to buy the concept and be fully on board first, before anyone else will come on board.

About the Author

Ingrid Moyle

Ingrid Moyle is a self-confessed multipotentialite. While she is now retired from the corporate rat race, she still shamelessly dallies in her latest topics of fascination. When not hardwired to her computer, she quests for the perfect decaf coffee while chasing virtual reality creatures across the backstreets of Brisbane.

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