Mid Life Entrepreneur Mentoring

Are you as surprised as anyone that you find yourself in business? Was being an entrepreneur nowhere in your plan … and yet one day you woke up and found yourself an accidental mid-life entrepreneur?

I get it!

You may have left traditional employment because it was inflexible, or you had a health challenge, or perhaps traditional employment left you.

You looked around for a j-o-b but then found yourself suddenly starting or running a business.

You tried reading books or deep-diving into Google for clues on how to make this business thing work but found that everything seems to have been written for Gen Z. Nothing deals with how mid-life and beyond accidental entrepreneurs think, absorb information.

You end up frustrated and annoyed at yourself (because you think you SHOULD be able to work it out – rather than realising that perhaps the problem isn’t you at all, but how things have been written).

Sometimes it helps to talk through stuff with someone who gets where you are coming from: Someone who can help find the clarity that is avoiding you, and guide you to your next step.

Laser Mentoring Session

Want to smash through some issues in your business or find new possibilities? You know those moments when you just want to pick someone’s brains who has been there done that? This is the package just for you!

Our laser mentoring is just that – laser. Together you take an intense look at areas where you are stuck, and blast through the blocks. In a laser mentoring session you get an hour of dedicated one-on-one time to find your next logical step.

No-fuss. No long programs. Just rapid solutions.

Most people leave these sessions with their heads buzzing with ideas and possibilities, as well a renewed sense of potential and hope for their business.

Sessions are generally held via Microsoft Teams or over the phone. (Face-to-face available in Brisbane on request – travel time costs may apply)

Book your laser mentoring session today from just $220 Incl GST

Surprised middle aged woman looking at a glowing laptop