Reflections on Over a Decade in Business

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20 Feb 2015

Brisbane Copywriter and Web Designer, Ingrid Moyle reflects on the quirky clients she has helped in a decade of service with Heart Harmony Communications.

As we reflected on our first 10 years in business, we have been looking back over our client files. All we can say is “WOW!” We knew we had worked with a huge variety of businesses over that time – we just hadn’t realised how diverse they really were.

I thought I would share just a glimpse into our client files – so you get just a taste of the life of a copywriter and web designer and the services we offer.

Our Awards For The …

Biggest project: This was with Flight Centre and took my team of 21 writers 8 months to complete. Most of my writers then promptly headed off on more trips around the world as their taste was well and truly whetted through sharing their past travel experiences.

Quirkiest project: One of our long-term clients specialises in not your run-of-the-mill pest removal here in Brisbane. One of my favourite projects for her was writing about the mating habits of scrub turkeys.

Most technically challenging: We often get asked to write about complex technological projects or new inventions. The toughest one to get my head around was one for using new forms of polymers in plastic extrusion moulding. And we finally nailed it!

Toughest project: Writing about rocks (I kid you not!) Trying to find ways to make the different properties of quarried rocks exciting was certainly challenging.

Most expensive lesson: A client ran up a $40,000 bill and then did a runner. Corporate psychopaths are real – they do exist.

Most spectacularly unsuccessful project: Every business has its fair share of projects that go west. My gold standard for projects that failed was for a business consultant. He started wanting regular web copy (so far so good) … and then when he received it gave us the feedback that he wanted it to be written in the poetic stylings of Wordsworth’s language. The next edit requested it to be rewritten in Haiku. Needless to say, that project crashed and burned into a screaming mess.

So what industries/businesses have we worked with?

I am sure I have missed industries off this list (apologies in advance if I have!)

Trades: Electricians, plumbers, kitchens, air-conditioning, printers, saw sharpening, solar, pest control, pool builders, promotional products, furniture manufacturing, smash repairs, mechanics, roof restoration, guttering, outback water tanks, cleaners, carpet cleaners, tile restorers, painters, builders, yard maintenance, asbestos maritime inspections, fuel manufacturing, cubby-houses, carpenters, earthmovers.

Creative industries: Opera singers, piano tuners, modern artists, photographers, clothing designers, graphic designers, air-brush tattoos, ceramic painters.

Finance: Bookkeepers, accounting, truck finance, insurance, traders, financial advisors.

Transport: Logistics, delicate transport, forklifts, trucks, helicopter repairers, car sales, crane hire.

Kids: Kids books, childcare centres, tuition, kids’ labels, kids’ parties, kids’ entertainers, and private schools.

Alternative: Psychics, mediums, alternative therapists.

Technology: Apps, data centres, managed services, CCTV, sound systems, smart wiring, computer repairers, photocopier suppliers.

Professional Services: Lawyers, architects, native title investigators, grief counsellors, vets.

Health: Surgeons, medical supplies, pharmacy, fertility clinics, physiotherapists. personal trainers.

Online: Online marketing, eBook companies, virtual assistants, web companies, SEO companies.

Food Industries: Caterers, tea manufacturers, coffee suppliers, barista trainers, and food product suppliers.

HR: HR consultants, recruitment companies, payroll companies.

Landscaping: Quarrying, rocks, gravel, sand, nurseries, forestry plants, artificial turf.

General: Consultants & coaches, training companies, speakers, cinemas, pet sitting, make-up manufacturers, personal trainers, real estate, regional magazines, inventions, specialist fabric retailers, smoke alarms, interior design, silk flowers, hairdressers, image consultants, wedding favours, not-for-profits, furniture rental, weight loss, travel, horse breeders, wedding planners, building inspectors, holiday rentals, indigenous communities. 

And the one thing that they all have in common (aside from us of course)?

Each one of these business owners believed in their business. With a bit of help, they discovered (or rediscovered) what made their business amazing.

And it has been a privilege helping each one of these businesses and business owners over the past decade walk a little bit taller, feel happier and more confident about their business, and get stronger business results.

About the Author

Ingrid Moyle

Ingrid Moyle is a self-confessed multipotentialite. While she is now retired from the corporate rat race, she still shamelessly dallies in her latest topics of fascination. When not hardwired to her computer, she quests for the perfect decaf coffee while chasing virtual reality creatures across the backstreets of Brisbane.

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